Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows, not longer works


This feature not longer works.

Version: 1.38.109
Source: brave-browser-1.38.109-1.src.rpm
Architecture: x86_64
OS: Fedora 36
Repo: brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com_x86_64_

It doesn’t matter if the feature is enabled or disabled, cookies and data only gets removed when closing the browser instead of all windows related to a URL.


Hello @technosapiens

it always been like that

that why if you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData it said on exit and for the other option it mean the same

check this from chrome which apply to brave also

check this section under Delete cookies after you close Chrome


It wasn’t always like that. On exit is working correctly while the other option isn’t, the wording can be confusing but “all windows” was working in the older builds differently.

There would be not point in having two options doing the same thing.

The all windows option was refering to URL’s in tabs, so if I was reading the nytimes in two tabs and the wsj in another tab, if I closed one of the two tabs of the nytimes, the cookies related to the nytimes weren’t deleted, but the moment I close the remaining nytimes tab they were deleted while maintaining the cookies related to the wsj.

The option I’m refering to is in brave://settings/cookies .

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i guess you are right may be i miss understand it sorry for that and i fond another bug but i need to ask one of the team to help us with that @Mattches

by the way do you have chrome and did you test it there maybe the issue with the chrome part ?

and i found another bug related to it just now
and just created a post about it here

please notice it week end so it would take a while till you get replay