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Clear browsing data has a warning: Selected, back to the day you install Brave will be cleaned. That is a good thing. The issue I have is if I clear cookies, all my Brave settings are reset to defaults and I must go back to the cloud and reload my settings. To eliminate having to reload my settings means I cannot clear any cookies. Is this correct or am I missing something?



When you click on “Clear Browsing Data Now”, this box should pop up.
You can drag the sliders individually to the right until they turn orange for the types of data you want to clear, or to the left, if they are not already there, for what you want to keep. You probably do not want to clear “Saved site settings and permissions”, so leave that one gray. If you only want to clear cookies, but keep everything else, “All site cookies” should be the only orange tab. Then when you click “Clear”, it should only clear the types of data you have selected.

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