Clear all cookies and site data at the end of the session - Doesn't persist

Clear all cookies and site data at the end of the session should do what it is claiming, and that choice should be persistent. It is not.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. open brave://settings/content/cookies and select “Clear all cookies and site data at the end of the session”
  2. close Brave
  3. open again brave://settings/content/cookies and verify that the selection status is lost

The status of this setting should persist sessions, like it does in Chrome.

Seen on Ubuntu 18.04 Brave 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (official build) (64 bits)

Thanks for reaching out to us. This issue is actually already known and currently being addressed:

Note that instead of using that toggle, I would recommend going to History --> Clear browsing data --> On exit and using this function to clear data when you quit Brave

Thank you Mattches for your answer. But I wouldn’t try what you suggest, because I’m logged in dozens of websites and the feature we’re talking about is preserving the trusted websites cookies while removing the rest, and I’m pretty sure that the purge before closing Brave option does not. Am I right?

Good catch – you’re absolutely right and I’m very glad you pointed that out. I’ve actually been making noise about this internally in hopes to make the process easier. I think having the two different On exit toggles is unnecessary and the function should be consolidated into our On exit option.

Hopefully someone will hear those noises. Additionally, I believe in the interim, the issue above already has a PR submitted so you should see this fixed in the next browser update.

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