CleanURLs built into Brave shields

There an extensions called CleanURLs. As far as I am aware, it removes tracking from URLs. When you click a Google result, for example, it goes to, rather than directly to This not only compromises your privacy, but it also slows down your internet because it now makes two round-trips instead of one. ClearURLs solves this issue, which is a lifesaver when using cellular internet (or, God forbid, geosynchronous satellite).

ClearURLs also removes those pesky tracking parameters (utm_* for Google, fbclid for Facebook, Amazon, and so on). It also has no conflict with ad-blocker, as I use ad-blocker (number of ads blocked remains the same with CleanURLs enabled or disabled) + CleanURLs without issue.

I know you can install it as a desktop extension, but what about Android? It’s probably the best extension because I’ve seen it remove a lot of trackers from, ( avg. 213 trackers from the URLs removed), and a lot more site!

@SwiftyPop Do you mean ClearURLs extension? I had to disable that extension on Windows10 here as it was causeing issues with my CamelCamelCamel notifications not automatically redirecting me to the appropriate page on Amazon.