Cleaning home page and remove most visited icons

Is it possible to remove all those most visited website icons, trackers, data saved, Est. Time saved from home page?
I just want blank page as I open Brave.

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If you want a blank page = you can’t. But you can remove that widgets.

Then go to Settings > New Tab Page > and disable Sponsored Images.

And you’ll get an empty new tab page with background image. Not a blank page.

If you disable Background images too, then New Tab Page will show you an old design with all of those stats, etc, which can’t be removed.

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It did the trick. Thanks.
But are those images come within apk or those Background images are fetched from some external server? If i can block that server in adaway, will i be getting clean page? Because browser will not be able to fetch any image.

I don’t know about that. I’m sure it’s fetched from Brave’s server and served locally. 🤷

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