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I’ve been using brave for a while, until now I have had no serious issues with Brave. Its a beautiful piece of software.

Unfortunately, I have come across something very very serious. I think this should not be overlooked, and should be developed at the teams earliest.

What is it?
The downloading experience for torrents. And general downloading experience.

But mostly for torrents. It’s great that Brave supports an in browser torrent download. Although a few things.

  1. Brave does not inform me the user > if I close the torrents tab which is downloading, that the torrent stops downloading altogether. I assumed it was working in the background…it wasn’t.

  2. After it [torrent] had been downloaded there is a save file option, but it does not save my torrents to the downloads folder I specified. And upon double clicking the file [in the browser], it is opened inside the browser. It has NO indication, or button to take me to the downloaded location [which is what I was expecting after I had double clicked], where I can at least see the file on my PC, so I could manually move the file across to my desired location. THIS is a BIG NO NO. There has to flexibilty, at minimum I MUST be able to see the file on my computer. I have no idea what else might have been downloaded, but saved somewhere eating away my hard drive space!!!

  3. In light of the above, there should be universal downloads folder. Where everything including torrent files are saved.

I strongly believe that for brave to be successful at this stage this issue needs to be resolved at the soonest. These are basic features and plays an integral part of many users browsing experience. Having these qualities can be the deciding factor between choosing brave or brushing it up the rug.

I hope the team takes this into consideration.

Thanks and Goodluck!

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