Clean Install and Still No Ads USA

UPDATE: FIXED! Never mind, I was wrong. It’s not fixed.

I’ve reinstalled several times, and went through same steps as mentioned below. However this time I was greeted with a popup to allow Brave Notifications when I was posting this. After about 35 mins I finally got an ad, Couple months with nothing and now I finally got one. Now to see if I can continue getting them my Focus Asst set to priority and Brave enabled. I really hope I don’t need to have Focus Asst off in order to Brave to work correctly. BTW I also ready other people who found it odd that they also reinstalled but it didn’t work until they posted their first post in there, then after a few mins like myself they got their ads finally.

Description of the issue:
Brave stopped giving any ads at all.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. No clue how you could reproduce this issue, but for me I just simply have to use the browser and it doesn’t work as it should.
  2. Uninstall Brave, delete any remaining files and folders associated with Brave.
  3. Clean temp files, and clean registry.
  4. Reinstall Brave, and make sure I’m opt in for ads, notifications on, and toggle focus asst on or off it doesn’t matter because I still don’t get ads.

Expected result:
Expect to get up to 5 ads per hour that I am actively using brave. Or at least once a day, week, or even per month.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.15.76 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Bennish shows I can get notfications

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Wait so – to confirm, you’re saying that the issue is now resolved?

Could be. I won’t know for sure until I get an ad while my Brave is focused. Without focus I got 2 ads.

Confirmed it only works if Focus Asst is completely disabled. Priority and Alarms are no go. I used to use with Priority, but looks like this is why I stopped getting ads a couple months ago. Not cool. I don’t want everything coming through, just Brave, nothing more. Looks like this Windows feature is not an option to me if I want BAT. smh


Sorry if there’s any inconvenience but I’m glad you were able to sleuth out the cause. More info on Focus assist here:

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Hmm 6 hrs online today and not a single ad.

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Confirmed ads only came in for a few hours. No ads again today. Something’s definitely wrong with this.

Day 3, I guess no one out there wants to advertise anything to me.

This may or may not actually be a problem at all. Please read the following:

Yeah I’ve read that weak excuse many time. I knew it was coming. 4th day and still no ads. So you mean to say they come in for a few hours when I do a reinstall but then stop for good, and this is perfectly normal? Still nothing again tonight. You guys know this is a huge problem and you have no fix so you post that weak excuse on all these complaints about this, and call it a day.

Thanks for the kind words.

Not only do we know that there are issues, we have acknowledged it repeatedly and been very forthcoming with what problems we’ve been facing as well as particularly generous with refunding users who lost legitimately earned BAT in the process.

Would you be willing to send us some of your Rewards internals information to help us troubleshoot you issue? Additionally, would you be willing to have a short screen share with me and/or one of our developers so that we can dig deeper into the issue (if needed)?

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Hi @Sarys, I would on the ads team here at Brave, would you be willing for me to setup a screen-share/voice chat to help diagnose what could be wrong? If so can you please drop me an email to Thank you, Terry

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I already told Steeven I will not do a screen share. I let no one in my PCs. Anything you need, I can get for you. Just met me know what, and where, and I’ll be on it. I have given Steeven and including Mattches my info several times. Nothing’s ever been fixed. I’ve been going back and forth since 2019 with nothing but problems with this browser.

Note that you will be able to retain control of your PC, but allowing us to view the data in real-time goes a long way towards resolving issues, rather than just filing them. Also, if your issue is unique, it may help others encountering the same one.

However, if you still don’t want to, I will ensure your information is included on a relevant Github issue for developers to review, and you can wait for a fix that applies to you.

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I am aware of how it works. I’ve done it many times to assist my customers computers from work. I’m not letting anyone in.

This issue is not unique to me. It has been going on for a very long time to many many other users. I’ve been searching this thing for over a month daily, and from the dates of on those posts, I’m pretty sure I’ll be waiting a very long time. There are a lot of people with the same issue. I’m sure a few of them will let you remote in. I know from experience working on my customers’ rigs that most will allow anything and anyone in their computer.

No problem. I will add your information to the internal issue we have opened. Appreciate your patience as we work with other users to get this issue resolved.

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@Sarys Brave Ads by design do not appear if focus assist is enabled. This may change with a future version however users who have Focus Assist set to Alarms only, likely only want alarms.

We also do not show ads if the browser is full-screen or if the page has media which is playing.

There are many reasons ads may not be shown such as inventory, whereabouts are you located in the world please? Do you use a VPN? Do you have a gaming mouse (may sound daft, but there are many factors including gaming mice which can affect deliver)?

I appreciate you have already told others of your issues, however since those questions were asked things may have changed.

However, without sharing your screen to provide the answer is not easy.

I do not enable my vpn when using this browser. Focus asst is off (disappointing but off). No media playing, I have tried getting ads while completely disabling everything in startup and disabling everything in services minus MS stuff to see if there were anything else getting in the way. I have gone through every thing any of you guys have already asked of other users. I’ve been researching this through every post in here with the word Ads in it. As mentioned earlier if I completely wipe out everything Brave from my C drive then do a clean install it will work for a few hours that first day, then no more ads ever. Oh well. It just doesn’t work I guess. Time to do a bookmark import update on Vivaldi then. It was the talk of earning BAT that sold me, but since I can’t get ads, I get no BAT. I just feel like spent a year of frustration on this for nothing. I know something’s wrong. Both my computers do this. Different motherboards, RAM, different CPU Mfg, and the AMD rig is only for capturing my main rig. However I used it to test my problem on the capture computer to verify it wasn’t something I’m missing on this main computer. Also I don’t understand why you insist on remoting into my computer when I have already said if you need some info just tell me what and where and I’ll get it for you. No worries then.

actually there is an ad. just use brave browser and ads will show.
In my previous week of using brave. ads will show at 9am-4pm.

October 26, I didn’t receive even a single ads.
But yesterday, Midnight I thnk, while watching youtube videos I received ads. look at the image below. I got 4 ads only because I’m sleepy. :sleeping:

ads will show anytime.
I hope that this one helps you. :blush:

And they just told me that no ads show if there is media playing. lol Also I went 2 months with no ads, and now after the clean install and only a couple of ads as soon as I installed They have stopped again for the last 5 days.