Classic menu bar and home button

Whatever happened to proper horizontal menu bars? And a simple Home button? They’ve been a part of every browser since the beginning of Chamileon and Mosaic and the others. Is it really such a big deal for developers to give us those and let us decide if we want then on or off? I want them on all the time. I hate the s**p*d hamburger menu, in browsers, in websites, in apps, etc. Please, give us back a proper menu bar and a home button.

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I personally have no problems with not having an horizontal menu bar, but I agree with you since for many people is a must, it should be like our bookmarks bar, on/off as you need.

I find it much more convenient and much more intuitive than a hamburger menu on a full screen display such as a laptop or pc. On a phone or small tablet, sure, it makes good design sense, but again, not on a full screen device. There is no good, reasonable reason for a hamburger menu on the website in full screen view. I think that the designers who force us to use that hamburger menu do it because they think it is cool, or clever, or somehow makes them look like they are better than someone who doesn’t use it. Blah. I don’t want it, period. (And, what are the chances any designer is going to read this thread? ZERO)