Class Action Lawsuit? I am so done with never knowing if im gonna get what i was promised from your service. My bat dissapeared the last day of july for the 5th time i didnt get my promised reward. Its ridiculous

It randomly does it. Its kinda frustrating i used it and got all the adds just for my bat to dissapear oncthe last day of july. I gsve it 10 days so i am assuming its gone. For the 5th TIME. At this point the browser is so hit or miss its a gamble if i even get it and im overjoyed the months i actually recieve it. I do get it about 2/3 or maybe a little less times. It just is very disheartening never knowing if im gonna actually see the reward.

Ive been using brave for over a year and its same ole thing. Never know if im gonna actually get it or if its gonna vanish.

Also this forum is nuts. Its so confusing. Its more cluttered than a Cookout menu. You guys should really just hire a customer rep team with all the bat that 50% of your customers have “Dissapear” every month. Like you guys have a wallet… just hsve the bat go to the wallet so people stop having to get lied to. Idk but something about this has to be illegal lol. Promising a reward then having it vanish after using your service for an entire month? Little class action lawsuity if you ask me. lol and have a live chat option available in browser. This forum is like something youd find on a sketchy website that pops up when u get redirrected from a xxx site. I dont wanna get linked anything i know how it works as i said ive used the browser over a year, at this point i just need a yes or no if it can be refunded any way. If not its cool i guess just kinds misleading and makes me start to wonder where all this missing BAT is vanishing to.


Duplicate thread.
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