Class Action Lawsuit? Can anyone see about filing for the False Advertising And "vanishing" BAT?

If this many people dont recieve the promised BAT reward monthly, where is it going? Has anyone thought of that? Cause my account is still linked and my wallet is still the same. So it must go somewhere right ? Already is false advertising. Ive had 5 months of no bat, ive used for over a year. This has to be illegal. Does anyone know a lawyer they could ask about starting a class action? Im really over the deceit. And im over wasting my time on this forum thats more cluttered than a Cookout menu

Yes i know a laywer, it’s a good friend of mine.
As long as you pay him more than his other customers, he will fight for whatever you want, as long as you want.

Instead, why not submit a ticket to us so we can take a look and try to resolve your issue?

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