Clarification whether autofill will ever be working on devices without Google Play Services installed

Hello everyone,
I have been using brave for over two years already. Over a year ago, I switched to LineageOS (a custom ROM for Android) without having Google Play Services installed. Then, I realized that autofill does not work on webpages (using Bitwarden), but still works for installed apps. Apparently, this is related to brave using the Google Autofill API and not the Android-Framework. This is very unfortunate as it impacts usability severly. So, there are two options: keep using brave and live with the downsides, which is a hassle, or switch to a different browser (several alternatives have patches included, e.g. Vanadium or Cromite). IMHO brave is of much value for the privacy-community, but many using degoogled OS on Android cannot use brave due to the downsides.

After researching for several hours I was not able to find an answer, whether this issue will ever be resolved, or not. Also, I found an issue on Github with many comments reporting the same issue, but no comment from a developer or such.

So, what I want is an answer: will brave support auto-fill for degoogled OS on Android in the near future or not?

If not, I suspect I have to switch to a different browser, as UX is not pleasant.

Thank you

Well, i am not sure about that. But thanks for bringing that to light. If you are looking for DevOps engineer interview questions, then this will help you.

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