Clarification (Related to recently creater policy

My youtube channel is still showing verified in brave browser but what happening if someone tipping in that period (unsupported region) , Will the tipped bats be added to my creator account (i know bats not be paid until supported back. In simple words, bats received in creater account or bats are forfeited.

I know this question allready answered but i am
Thankfull if someone answering because I am confused. Because answer is yes than i remove my creater account links in all social media (including you tube). Because I not created my publisher account with my main channel.

Specially @smartyAadi thanks

@Sanskar Nobody is going to be able to thoroughly answer you because, based on what you’ve said in the past, you’re connected when you’re not supposed to be. Other people have not been able to replicate your success either. So I’d just hang tight and wouldn’t keep posting to bring attention to yourself.

I mean, if it’s connected, it should work. But since it’s basically a glitch/fluke that allowed you to connect, nobody can say much with absolute certainty.

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Thanks for your response. I have found the answer, for this I have done self tipping in my account and in my friends account. BATS are forfeited . Apologize for self tipping.

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