Clarification on the status of my account under review

Clarification on the status of my account under review

You sent a message to
Contains details about the account
In addition to answering questions
You have not responded yet

I own a publisher account
I added the YouTube channel
In addition to a large site to view reviews of the most famous computer programs

You have received many installation and confirmation of the Brave browser
Because the site’s audience is interested in the programs

I made a mistake in placing my referral link on my YouTube channel in the site articles

I have not been able to change referral links from my channel referral link to the site because the account is under review
I did not pay attention to this after putting the account under review

For this reason, the account is under review

I have activated my account on Uphold

My entitlement was due this month

@lionmalkialg the team will get in touch with you as soon as your account reviewed.

cc @dan_brave for additional assistance here

thank you for replying
I hope it does not take much time
The mail associated with my account is :

How long to wait
I brought cross link assignment from a site that ranks well in Google
Ask each publisher to review the following site:
There is no violation
Support team is very bad

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