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Hi there! I’m not sure if I am posting this in the right place but I cannot find a clear explanation anywhere else. I have been using mobile Brave browser since mid January and got my first rewards this month but I noticed they are not going into the built in Wallet (beta). Once I try to verify Uphold wallet or sign up with GlobaliD I noticed there’s no option for United Kingdom. Would this be added in the future and would these rewards stay on Uphold or anywhere else till I will be able to claim them or they will be lost? Any clarification would be helpful. Thank you!

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Hello There,
if you have not verified uphold account so I suggest you don’t connect your browser with Uphold and in the future when your uphold got verified then connect to ur browser and you will get all reward together at once
and talk about global Id so I don’t know about the UK but it is available in my country(India) and I have verified my uphold with Globel Id
I think you should contact Globel Id support Team. they are very helpful and they will help you surely

and if your problem is another than this so please let me know I’ll help you


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I would just connect to gemini instead of uphold cause uphold ain’t good.

Just sharing opinion and personal experience.
Also cause you’re new.
I connected my brave with uphold and still regret it cause they now holding my bat forcefully, when I mail them they say

We have proper rights to suspend, block, etc.

Well choice is yours

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@RichardKz Uphold has put temporary restrictions for new users in UK. Refer here for more info- and here-

Also Gemini is not yet available in Android but will be available soon (may take a couple of months). That said, you can keep claiming your rewards and they will accumulate in the browser itself and you can withdraw them later once you link with a custodian (Uphold/Gemini).

And built in wallet is not linked to rewards and it can be used to store crypto-currencies independently. There is a plan to link it with Brave Rewards later.

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