Claiming BAT doesn’t work

I got notice on my iPad of BATs to claim. But tapping on CLAIM does nothing.

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I have the same problem

Hi @Imigralboz and @mbierman - what happens when you attempt to claim?

There have been three awards, I have not received a payment and it always turns. how will this problem be solved? thanks.

Thanks @Imigralboz - have you been able to successfully claim in the past? Does it do anything if your turn rewards on and off?

Thanks in advance!

@steeven first month who i use brave broswer

Hi @Imigralboz - that is likely why you have not received payment. There is a freeze period the first week of every new month.

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tapping does nothing at all.

(Having issues uploading rewards to brave wallet)

me too i cant claim it says opss somethin was wrong

Same with my Windows and Android Phone. :sleepy: :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

I have also same problem…I do not know where is going my earning BAT

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I did claim on april but on may (now) I got not even the possibility to claim, so all rewards are skipped to june 6
is it normal?

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20 minutes ago I’ve received an email of uphold about the transfer. Thanks you for all

I am having the exact same issue. I’ve found multiple threads regarding this issue, Repeatedly closed with no solution. There has been an update from last Fall/Autumn advising it was a known bug that the brave team were working on… but that was well over 6 months ago. This has been an issue since release, I believe.

I sincerely hope there’s some troubleshooting suggestions!

Occasionally I have been able to claim rewards. Or moreso, refreshed the page a dozen times, to no avail. Only to find my wallet updated several days later. The claim rewards button has never worked or responded.

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I have the same problem

I have the same problem too.

can I withdraw Bat on iOS app?

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