Claimed Rewards June - Have not arrived Gemini

Hi all,

I claimed my BAT rewards for June, the claim button became available about 12 hours ago. Generally after I claim, the BAT is deposited in under 20 minutes.

This month was a large payout for me, over the past several months I hadn’t been paid fully, and last month even through I had 17 BAT accumulated as rewards, I received 0.25; So this month I was due to receive 29 BAT, which I have claimed, and wouldn’t like to write-off as a complete loss.

You can see Brave is showing me I’ve claimed:

My account has been continues to be linked to Gemini:

I see that Verified Gemini Wallets are still Pending, in the monthly status banner was I not suppose to be able to claim yet? And that funds will be transferred later?


Can somebody help with this? All the payments have been distributed, I claimed mine but Gemini never received them.

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I am having the same issue!!

same here.
the last i’ve received (on gemini transfer history)
shows: may 10th.

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