Claimed Reward for Feb 2022 Payout not Reflecting in Brave Wallet

Honestly me too. You see it says 1.5255 will be paid ; instead i got 1.5 BAT given 0.250 was the balance from December


They said that they would even give bonus but i didnt recieve even my whole payout


@Donkja I keep seeing you post in various topics “They said that they would even give bonus…”, where did you see that? I haven’t seen anywhere where that was said. Could you please provide a link? Thanks

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yes they said it but i didnt even recieve my full payout

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@Donkja lol You didn’t give a link and you just keep repeating the same thing. You do that a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Satrajit Sorry I hijacked your support request. Will move to a topic posted by @Donkja per payouts.

@Donkja That doesn’t say anything about a “bonsus” that I can see. I’ll continue this in your post here: I received less bat in my jan payout.

I really would like a link to where it says a bonus will be paid.

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Guess this is the link.


yeah this is the link

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@Mithilesh4 Thank-you! I missed that. :smiley:


yeah thats what i am saying i didnt even recieve the full payout

@steeven @Mattches any help please ?

Just to update @Mattches @steeven @Donkja

  • Recieved Desktop Rewards in Gemini Wallet
  • Need to verify Uphold for Android (then will let u guys know in case there is any issue)

So to be clear here — there isn’t actually any issue for you at this time for desktop, just Android? You received your Rewards for desktop. For Android (with a wallet that is not verified), the Rewards did not come through yet?

@Satrajit Just so you know, this screenshot has nothing to do with Brave Rewards or the BAT you would be receiving.

There is Brave Rewards which is where you earn BAT for viewing ads. It stores and then sends to a wallet that you have on Gemini.

Brave Wallet is separate and it is a place where you can buy and send cryptocurrency. At this time, we are unable to send our Brave Rewards to our Brave Wallet. This means unless you spend real money to buy BAT or other crypto for your Brave Wallet, it will always show 0.

You see how there is a message that says Your 2.099 BAT January rewards on the way.? Until that goes away, it means it hasn’t processed and sent yet. You shouldn’t worry until then. Where it says ‘Check Status’ , if you click that it takes you to the post. In it, you see the below:

Are payouts still processing?
Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on 7th of each month, it may take several days to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress

So yes, sometimes one device pays before the other or other people receive theirs first. Give it 3-5 days and it’s usually good. Sometimes little longer or little less.


Also, your Wallet you see on Desktop won’t ever see the BAT from your Android and your Android won’t be able to see BAT from your Desktop. This is because they aren’t connected and are being stored in two different places. When/if your mobile is ready, it should tell you that your Rewards have arrived. It then may give you the option to press the Claim button to receive them.

same happening to me , i havent recieved by brave reward of dec and january , i dont know what is the reason , still worroying on the rewards . still i have not recieved my dec pay out and jan pay out .

You’re repeating the same comment over and over in every post I readed today, even misspelled. For your information, a 0.02 cut of an extimation (that is the word you see every time check your current month balance) it’s not a mistake, mostly a rounding. The bonus you continue to talk about is referring to who haven’t got paid for December or had to wait too long, not your case, mr0.02.

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@Mattches ,

I got the reward from Android ; But not reflecting in Gemini. i was told Gemini is not there for Android ; so need to verify Uphold. Will do that today

Will let you know if i see any further issues; All good for now. Thanks

@Saoiray ,

Thanks man. I got it. I thought Brave Rewards will reflect in Brave Wallet too. Thanks for claryfying. I juust came to know yesterday.

Also i started from December, and the balance was showing same as 0.250 in both Desktop and Android so got confused. Thought both devise will show the same amount. Now i know, must have earned the same in both.

Thanks & Regards

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