Claimed May Rewards, and it shows in Brave Rewards wallet but hasn't gone into my Verified Gemini Acccount

Yeah I guess I had to update Brave on both my Big Sur and Monterey partitions, but like I checked my Gemini app on my phone and noticed May’s Brave Rewards that I had claimed that WAS displayed in my Brave wallet on my big sur partition, all of a sudden was back down to the amount before i claimed May’s rewards and the rewards had never gone to my verified gemini wallet; so i updated brave on my big sur partition, and am updating now on my monterey partition which fortunately still showed the correct amount (at least in my Brave Rewards Wallet) after claiming May’s rewards, so I have a screenshot of that… UPDATE: After updating Brave on both partitions, the correct amount is reflected in my apparently “Brave Rewards” wallet. I’m assuming when the gemini verified wallet payout status is complete, hopefully by then the balance will have transferred into my Gemini account. But WORD TO THE WISE: MAKE SURE YOUR BRAVE WEB BROWSER IS UPDATED!!!

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