Claimed BAT from my Brave's smartphone browser

Yesterday I received a message in the Brave browser of my smartphone that told me to claim your BATs (to make tips), I did it.
I thought I would automatically see them when I logged into the Brave Desktop browser on my PC, but this did not happen. Both wallets, or do they work independently?
Now it appears as next payment day on August 8 (on the Desktop) Does it mean that I received it on my smartphone in July?

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Desktop browser wallet & android browser wallet are independent. they are Not the same wallet.

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I had read in the forum that the bat will be credited to you account on aug8. Hope this helps.

@nestorjgomez in addition to @thetokenmaster (thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:), see I can see my BAT in my mobile but it don't appear in my loptop?

@fly_high nope. That’s for publisher payout.

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