Claim - You have won May 6 - Blocked and unsuccessful

Since May 6th my Android that worked very well with Brave is no longer connected to the Brave ad rewards. A red circle keeps turning on 'Brave Ads You won May 6".
My balance is currently 37.3Bat.
Can you please tell me the outcome of this problem encountered?
Thank you for your attention,

See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for details

Merci mais je ne trouve pas de reponses dans vos topics.
Voici une copie d’écran
Merci de votre aide

For the users that tried to claim Ads earnings very early last night, they will need to get a software upgrade for their browsers before the claiming of Ads Rewards will happen.

@Krystoff from the thread linked above :point_up:
On mobile, you need to wait for the next update before you able to claim it.

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