Claim Rewards test not draggable on Surface tablet

Bug report

Steps to reproduce:
On a Surface Go tablet (or similar) using touch or stylus, tap the Claim Reward button and attempt to drag the triangle into the indicated shape in the subsequent test.

Expected result:
Triangle drags with touch/stylus as it would using a mouse cursor.

Actual result:
Triangle does not respond.

Please add support for touch and stylus on this class of device.

@nicojoco This is an issue that pops up now and then. An open issue report for a Surface Pro 7 device is backlogged and there has been no movement since April 2022. The only workaround indicated is to use a mouse. This is the same workaround I’ve seen suggested in community topics for other Surface tablets.

Seeing a couple reports of this. Workaround in meantime is to suggest they use a mouse that can be connected to the device (such as a bluetooth mouse?)

I doubt if the issue will be fixed unless there is a large increase in the number of users having problems. Sorry I couldn’t help. Maybe another community member has a workaround and will post.

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