Claim option didn't appear

I have installed brave in July and in August I have nearly got 1 bat from ads now in this September month I didn’t get the claim option I am having 7 bat but I didn’t get any claim option please help me!! 2020-10-06T18:30:00Z

Hey @Alsolens,

Looks like you have Uphold connected to your Brave Wallet, you’ll directly recieve bats into your Uphold Wallet.

Payouts are in process, you’ll receive your rewards soon.

For more info :-

but i dont have 25 bat to verifyScreenshot 2020-10-07 090031
and i also didnt get myt bat in my uphold account also

If you’re a windows user then you don’t really need 25 bats in order to connect Uphold with your brave wallet.

You can right away connect uphold account with your brave wallet.

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@ShineWhine thank you for clarifying but atleast claim option will appear or not?? please clarify

@Alsolens Halo my friend … If you not using ur brave browser for few days… “Claim option” will not be appear and it will directly goes to ur wallet. If ur connected to uphold account it will go to ur uphold…

If u want to see claim option – check date :- Oct 4th to 6th… If u not seen… U can see next month like :- Nov 4th to 6th… :wink:

i am using my rave browser daily for 6 hours

@Alsolens Claim option will not appear if your brave wallet is connected to Uphold, you’ll directly receive your estimate rewards in to your uphold wallet.

@SurendraRsi Claim option visibility doesn’t depend on browser usage, simply it will appear only if the user has not connected uphold with their brave wallet.

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