Claim Complain grievance

Good afternoon Brave team, I want to make a claim, on August 10 I got to make 3 BAT in the estimated rewards counter, but the next day I only had 2 BAT, and the counter of ads received this month was set to 0, the On August 11 and 12, I was very active in the browser, therefore I received several advertisements in those days, but I did not receive any reward for those advertisements and they were not counted in the counter of advertisements received this month, I send an email to:, but sadly I didn’t get any response or clarification as to what was going on, As of today, August 13, in the morning, I received the rewards only for the ads that I saw today, and the counter of ads received this month began to count from 0, but 15 minutes ago I entered my virtual wallet and again I did not start to receive rewards for the ads and the ad counter was set to 0 and remains so, I await a response please to this painful problem, and I would like to know if the ads I saw on August 11 and 12 will be remunerated.I hope a prompt reply, thanks.

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