Claim button not appearing


My claim button is not appearing on my rewards page. What is there that I can do about this?

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Please DM your wallet ID.


same here, there is no claim button. please help

Same for me, where is the wallet ID located?

@steeven When you have a moment can you share how to find out this crucial bit of data?

the issue is same here.

For everyone’s knowledge the wallet ID steeven is referring is your unique wallet string on the Uphold dashboard.

@aneekjitp @gobled

You can find it by going on Uphold and then (using their old interface) by going to the cards page.

Click on it and then click “Add Funds” and select “with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token”.

Then select “Basic Attention Token (BAT)”.

There you’ll see a long string and a QR code. The long string is your BAT address. That’s your wallet ID.


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