Claim button error

Hi. After claim button appeared, I tried to solve robot verification with pictures, but it wrote to me, that I was unsuccesfull and then it wrote to me, that there was an error and claim button dissapeared. What to do now? Thanks

Same here. I was unable to solve the captcha. Then after some a try the claim button disapeared. It seems there is no way to get the claim button back.

You didn’t say what platform you are using but another community member posted the link below. It is specifically for Android but may apply to other OS.

I don´t know, why to claim…Is there anybody, who doesn´t want this reward…?This was also the case, when I have gemini verified account. There should be automatical payout, without claim button.


In my case it’s Ubuntu Desktop.

Same thing happened to me this month.
Same happened last month after claim error i received BAT in my Gemini account after 2 days. but not this Month

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Received 3 BAT, hope it reflects in verified Gemini!!! Thanks BAT Team.

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