Claim BAT rewards or they will expire?


I installed the brave browser in the beginning of January 2021. When I click “view monthly statement for details” I see zero BATs earned during January and February. How is this possible? I know that I have earned at least 3 BAT during each of these months. Do I need to claim my BATs I earned from ads otherwise they will expire?? I have not reinstalled the brave browser or in any way reinstalled/updated my system. Does any one of you have the same issue?
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Ads earning is paid once a month every 5th. If you have an unverified wallet, you should see notification on your Rewards icon in URL bar to claim yours.

If you have a verified wallet, then it’ll automatically deposited to your Uphold account.

Are you sure it will be automatically deposited if I have a verified wallet? Don’t you have to press “withdraw funds”?

Yes. I’ve a verified wallet too and that’s the expected behavior for verified wallet. :sweat_smile:

Unless you encounter this issue Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet

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