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You have progressed well since the very early days. Congratulations! I am close to making BRAVE my default browser, but there are still a few issues that I’m sure you’re working-on and maybe one you’re not aware of.

For me, currently a very important issue that would help me make the move to BRAVE is that of being able to get Citrix Receiver to function properly. Within BRAVE, access to and log-onto Citrix Storefront works well. However, even with the installation of the most current Windows 10 Citrix Receiver, that “installation” is not recognized by the Citrix Storefront when running in BRAVE. No matter how many times I tell Citrix to retry or that it is already installed. Note that all works well within Firefox.

So, any help you can offer would be appreciated. I utilize this program for work.

Thank you.


Hi @RET139. There is an issue opened for Citrix support with Brave. I have added your comments there. You can track the issue here

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