Website very slow

I have had this problem for a long time on Windows 10. The website is very very slow. Suspect scripts are performing slowly. Have tried this with shields on and off.

Running Chrome in parallel is 10x+ faster on basic tasks like menu picks, opening one of my account pages, etc.

I would try clearing cache/browsing data for the site and test to see if this improves performance.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar
  3. Site settings --> Clear data
  4. Refresh the page.

I tried that and also cleared cache. Still sluggish compared to chrome. Here are some comparisons, from click to page fully loaded (X turns to refresh button):

Log into account shows account dashboard 13 sec vs 36 sec
Open credit card account 10 sec vs 26 sec
Open virtual credit cards 5 seconds vs 23 sec.

Generally while waiting the bottle left says waiting for or waiting for content. sometime just blank

Any other ideas. I like Brave and would like to help make it better.

Haven’t changed shields? (ads/trackers in shields specifically).

I’ve tried it with shields on snd off. Is that what you mean?

If you disable shields performance maybe impacted, Citi uses port scanning, which we get around in shields.

Not sure if this helps but try adding || into brave://adblock with shields Up.


Adding the filter made an amazing improvement.

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