Chrome's "search within website from address bar" feature


One of the only reasons I still use Chrome is because of the ability for me to hit “y + tab + [search term]” and instantly be sent to Youtube with my search query entered into Youtube’s search for me.
After you’ve visited a website’s base address one time, Chrome can do this for not just Youtube, but also a large number websites that have search bars including wikipedia, imdb, etc.
Brave sounds great, but I still can’t leave Chrome because I haven’t been able to find another browser that saves me as much time by allowing me to search directly through a website’s search bar from the address bar.


Hi @pwolfe854,

Just want to let you know, ICYMI.
Brave have something similar feature called “Engine Go Key”. See Preferences > Search.

To use it, simply type shortcut + keyword. Like :d Brave will take you to DuckDuckGo with Brave as a search term.

However, this feature likely will available on Brave 1.0, rewrite version coming later this year (need to check it first).

And I logged a request for that here

Thank you,


Oh, thanks! They should really advertise that a bit more. I feel like that’s the most frequent thing I do while browsing.
I guess I’ll give Brave a shot then, Thanks!