Chromebook compatibility


Can I install Brave on Chromebook?


This would be a big plus, as Firefox doesn’t run on chromeOS and that is a crippling disadvantage, as often, there are compatibility issues or other problems with Chrome browser, and there is no other browser on a chromebook, so Brave would be a great benefit.


Well I Guess I can install Android version of app.


@chulohock I haven’t tried it. Does it work?


Have not purchased Chromebook as yet. My understanding though is that latest models can run Google Play Store and hence Android apps.


I see several other browsers at the chrome web store.


@Dude - so you’re saying that Brave isn’t available in the Chrome Web Store, correct?

What about the Google Play Store? I believe that can be accessed from a Chromebook to allow install of Android apps.


But op asked “Can I install Brave on Chromebook?”. Google play store will only install on Androids.


Not sure if I understand this correctly, but I recently installed Flint OS (based on Chromium OS) on a RPi 3B, and there one can only install “apps” via the browser, meaning that all your “apps” are monitored/run by Chrome. I immediately uninstalled it.haha

I’m pressuming this is the same for Chrome OS?


I wouldn’t know. If you could it would have to be the android version unless you hack it or something.

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