Chrome v55 tabs

With the new ugly chrome tabs I will never be able to use the Brave browser, unfortunately.

I still use old version of chrome version 55 with regular auto-backups of all chrome folders/files on my computer (using a 3rd-party windows software) in case of ever accidental upgrade, as well as blocking chrome from ever updating.

So, I will continue using Chrome v55 forever until I find a suitable replacement. I tried Iridium but unfortunately there seems to be a few problems with the older versions of Iridium; and the new versions of Iridium are based on the horrendous redesign of Chrome after v55 so I can’t use that.

Chrome 55 has the better old settings screen, the normal tabs not those ugly blocky garbage tabs, and other features that are mandatory for me to have.

I won’t use any chrome or chromium-based browser which has the new ugly blocky tabs, ever.

You should make a Brave browser based off chrome v55. I would definitely use it.