Chrome://site-engagement and Rewards Auto-contribute engagement metrics are completely different

Why is the Chrome internal site engagement tracking at brave://site-engagement/ completely different from Brave Rewards’s auto-contribute list? I know Brave Rewards tracks Twitter, GitHub, and YouTube creators separately. Chrome’s tracker gives bonuses to sites you type manually or visit from bookmarks. However, both use time-on-site as the main metric — and this can’t possibly account for the difference.

Many of my top entries in brave://site-engagement/ are nowhere to be seen on or near the dead bottom on my Brave Rewards list. The former more closely represents how much I subjectively feel that I’ve engaged with a site over the last month. The Brave Rewards list seems more like a random selection of sites from my browser history.

For example, Chrome thinks I’m highly engaged with daily webcomics and I agree — I do visit some comics almost daily. Yet, not a single one has made it into my Brave Rewards list (except webtoon, but it’s a comic aggregator and not a single comic.)

My go-to newspaper that I visit two–three times a day and read two dozen articles from every week is literally at the bottom position in Brave Rewards auto-contribute.

Brave’s top spots right now (all low in Crome’s list) is currently duckduckgo, that-one-open-source-project-I-probably-spent-ten-minutes-reading-the-documentation-page-for, some-dude’s-homepage-I-left-open-when-going-grocery-shopping, that-blog-that-had-that-one-recipe, and that-site-I-read-that-one-article-from-last-week. I don’t consider any of these sites to be the sites I spend the most time with in the last month (except possibly that-one-site-I-left-open-while-away.)

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