Chrome refresh 2023 fix 3 dots

After enabling brave://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 - brave crashes when clicking on the upper 3 dots.


Brave is not Chrome, so why are you enabling a flag that is obviously meant for another browser besides Chrome?

Brave has many different UI elements and pages and different settings and features compared to Chrome, which is probably the reason for the crash, and Brave is not going to fix it because Chrome is Chrome and Brave is Brave, if they need something about that flag or something, they will tweak it accordingly, but it’s reasonable to complain about a flag causing crash when it even has Chrome in the name, if Brave wanted it to be part of Brave they would rename it to Brave Refresh 2023 and make it work accordingly.

But to show you how different Brave and Chrome are, for example, recently Brave added a framework called LEO, which is an easy way to update icons across the browser, that’s something Chrome will not have, and then the many UI differences, settings, panels, even sidebar is different.
Brave even offers a nicer commander, shared pinned tabs across windows, keyboard customization, etc etc, so yes, they are way different even if ‘they look similar’ and Brave keeps fairly decent compatibility with some flags.

Of course, there are many features that are still present that can be enabled in flags which people can use, and many flags that exist that work but also ones that will not do anything or will cause issues, there is even a way to still use Chrome password manager if you enable some flags, but it doesn’t work properly.

So, only because those flags exists, doesn’t mean they are meant to be enabled in a fork that is way different than Chrome, because even if they work, doesn’t mean they will function like in Chrome or not cause issues or crashes like in this case.

So, disable the flag, and stop enabling things only because they exist in Flag’s page.

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Brave will not have a choice as the feature is made standard.