Chrome is fastest browser

It’s a fact, chrome dominates web browsing for all the right reasons:

I like Brave Browser, mostly because:




There, of particular danger, is Google’s WebBundles proposal:

Brave is my preferred browser of choice. This isn’t the case for 2.65b users

Fastest browser and runs on Blink engine are mutually exclusive for anything other than a single tab of raw text.

Chrome is also insanely resource heavy, doesn’t care for my privacy, or give me a rewards program.

Man, what kind of a fanboy do you have to be post this here in another browser’s community forums?

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The fanboy who wants nothing but for Brave to be the next dominating browser, that’s who. No offence.
This is no matter of 2% out of 2.65b shifting from chrome to Brave. That 98% has speed as #1 priority. I post this, to tell the people from Brave, Inc. about it.

Chrome, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, (Spotify to-be,) Tiktok, (Gmail, Google search, Amazon, Microsoft office, Windows, Android) are the #1, because its users are irrespective of quality.

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