Chrome:flags on Android causes the browser to hang

Description of the issue: chrome:flags on Android causes the browser to hang

How can this issue be reproduced? just load chrome:flags

  1. Open chrome:flags
  2. Memory load is either too high or something
  3. Starts hanging and can’t access the browser, because it prompts to relaunch it due to not responding anymore

Expected result: to load

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.38.109

Mobile Device details Nokia 3.1 Plus Android 10

Additional Information:

Brave Android always had trouble with chrome:flags, previously it was just slow, but lately it just causes the whole app to hang.

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I’m bumping this as it’s important and I think it should be viewed by someone who knows something about it. The performance of Brave on Android under about:config has seriously deteriorated and it needs to be fixed. It was always worse than other Chromium browsers on Android, but now it’s become a deal breaker.

Yes. I changed few settings before. It seemed to work OK. But yesterday when I tried, it hangs. Tried few times. Hanged all times. Either very slow or app crashed. Brave beta 1.40.68.

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