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Hi guys.

I love the Brave browser and have a question on Brave for Linux. I have followed the guide here however it is for a Windows user. Under Linux it doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to alter this or perhaps a better way to have the Chrome extension ‘Vimium’ to work under Brave.

Many thanks for reading and hope there is an answer :slight_smile:


Hi @hinge this more than a year or so ago was quite popular and I remember in this community being a couple of links pertaining to it but I can’t find them.

Currently in their Electron fork Moun will probably cause you more issues than you can bare and I’ll be quite forthright with you, I don’t think anyone from the team will be able to help you debug any issue that follow.

To be honest, you’re best of waiting a couple of months until they full implement the Chromium environment over to Brave in their Plans for Upcoming 1.0 Browser Release

Sorry I couldn’t find the links pertaining to your question directly; I’ve been using the search bar imputing: forking chrome extensions, downloading extensions but I don’t where the links are but I remember a member once helped someone regarding this matter.


You can still follow the same process the only difference being the location of the folders. here’s a screenshot of Linux

Note: If you have installed via snap then the profile location is different. You can find the profile folder in the following path./home/userdir/snap/brave/current/.config/brave/
If you have installed it via setup then you can find the extension folder in ~/.config/brave/

Hope this helps


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