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I have been using Brave for several months, had my first problem today. My default browser (dogpile) loads fine, but when I go to any other website, the screen turns black and a little frowny icon appears saying chrome extension error. An attempt to re-download and reinstall Brave did nothing. I am not any more sophisticated a computer person than that. Are there updates I have missed? Or is the problem something else? Thanks for any help.


Are you using Brave or Chrome? If you are using Brave, please post your Brave version information from the about:Brave page.


And let us know your OS too please @rstocum :slight_smile:



Brave 0.18.14
rev ad92d02
muon 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.78
node.js 7.9.0
update channel dev
OS platform MS Windows
OS release 10.0.14393
OS architecture x64

This is everything from my About Brave page. Hope I typed it all correctly. Thanks for your help.


Update: I last tried Brave at 1:30 pm EST and it behaved as before, with the frowny icon and the chrome extension error. I tried it just now after entering the information from my About Brave page, and had no problems. The computer has been off since 2pm, and I turned it back on about 5:30 pm.


And now it seems the above update is true until I go to Yahoo. Then the icon and error appear once again, and all attempts to go to another website also cause the icon and error to appear.


Could you try creating a new profile and check? You can backup your profile by following the steps mentioned here


A new profile where? on Yahoo?


@rstocum No. Not new Yahoo profile. But new browser profile. Follow the steps in link that @sriram shared to create new browser profile. It’ll make your browser like a new fresh install.

After create a new browser profile, please check again if you can still see the issue that you reported. And give the update here.:slight_smile:

Hope I explained it well.


I am confused, please bear with me as I am not a sophisticated user. The link provided shows me how to back up bookmarks. I read it carefully and saw nothing about creating a browser profile. I don’t even know how to use Brave (or anything else) to create a browser profile. What is a browser profile?


@rstocum the brave folder that you see inside %appdata% is the browser profile. So if you rename it and launch browser again it will create a new profile.

Hope that helps


sriram - thank you very much. This seems to have done the trick.

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