Chrome duet Brave custom buttons


Hey, Brave, thank you for awesome browser. On Android in late update you enable chrome duet and replace share button with bookmarks and open address bar with add tab.

As we know Google have many experiments with UI for one finger navigation and duet is last iteration of this.

Share and open address bar are most useful in case of one finger gesture in browser. What need of using second hand to tap address bar, when most everyone had smartphones with hight screen today?

Ok bookmarks is useful, but not for me, because sync doesn’t work well. I need to do two clicks for share page. It’s not good UX for me.

Please bring back this buttons or make option to settings for this.

And one UX improve, when you open new tab you most likely tap address bar, so open keyboard on new tab automatically is popular feature in many browsers.


New update removes search button from bottom toolbar

cc @Serg @kliu @Mattches on this.

+1 from @doodootron via New update removes search button from bottom toolbar

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I completely agree. I have no idea why there’s a new tab button and a see all tabs button, but no search button. It makes no sense and, since I can’t enable Chrome Duet anymore, I can’t use Brave.

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I just came here to add my agreement with OP.

At least the :mag_right: in the toolbar when using Chrome duet was useful since I could just use the phone with one hand and even when using two hands is useful because then you wouldn’t have to go to top of the screen to tap the address bar and the to the bottom to write something using the keyboard.

I would just take the plus icon that add a new tab because the square icon does the same thing. Or better yet the home icon. Nobody uses that I’ll bet.

I disagree with OP about taking out the booksmarks button because I like the functionality of just easily adding a bookmark when needed.




I suggest otherwise to get the address bar at the bottom (display gain), reduce it in length and add 2 or 3 icons, such as bookmarks, home, shield, newtab…
Or why not leave the choice.