Chrome Disable Ad blocking in future: affects on Brave?

I understand that in future Chrome will stop supporting ad blocking. May I ask if this will affect the ad blocking functionality of SHIELD in BRAVE since BRAVE is Chromium based?

are you talking about global add defaults in chrome ?
Its a whole different thing and basically a …
else please explain or elaborate your question accordingly
It’s a brave new world.

My understanding is that in future, Chrome extensions such as Adblock will no longer be allowed by Google so if using Chrome it will not be possible to block ads any more. I’m wondering if the Brave browser being Chromium based will have the same issues for ad blocking as the extensions are the same…ie the extensions will cease to exist since they will no longer be permitted by Google so they won’t be available for Chromium based browsers too. I’m not a tech person so if my question has no merit please disregard.

I asked this same question. We should be good on Brave!

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Hi first. :slight_smile:

This should only affect the extensions (i.e. “functions”) from the Chrome Store.

The extensions of Chrome or Chromium based will probably not work anymore. Brave, however, uses their own shields that do not require official support, such as the Chrome Store extensions.

More in detail:


Extensions use a standard that apparently all browsers with this basic component (Chromium) have to use, because otherwise they are not officially compatible (so they probably can’t be found in the Chrome-Store either).

You can create your own versions for every Chromium-based browser, because Chromium is Open Source, but that’s not very smart and very labor-intensive - in my opinion.

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