Chrome appears as the log in new Venmo Acct

I recently opened a Venmo acct while browsing/searching in Brave / Duck Duck Go.

In Venmo under Security it stated I was currently logged into Venmo thru Chrome on Mac OS X…

Even though Chrome is on my desktop. it was closed and it is NOT set as my default.

Can you shed some light on what may be happening?

Brave is based on Chromium…

So it gets recognized as “chrome” :v:

@martymcfly almost there. :sweat_smile: If “based on Chromium” made the browser is recognized as “Chrome”, then other (Chromium based) browsers should report the same thing.

@Calebd Brave is use Chrome user-agent and said to the site that you visit that you’re using Chrome. To hide it’s users and to make sure users is not “blocked” from sites because they use Brave.

In the future, it maybe changed to Brave’s own UA. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Marty- so it’s not the same as Google Chrome!



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