Choice of when to download updates


Let me choose when to download the latest update. I have a mobile data cap and don’t want to use any of it up doing updates!


Hi @tork. Sorry for the delyaed response. As per the comment here it doens’t look like it will be implemented but there might be an option in future to throttle the download on specific connections.


This request – specifically: allow users to select when (and more importantly when NOT to) download Brave updates has been raised in other threads. It’s been dismissed.

Please re-visit this decision.

As things stand – with ginormous Brave updates showing up unannounced and with no option or control about downloading – Brave is an option I can only used when I’m maximally jacked.

When I’m connected with limited bandwidth, Brave’s hogging what’s available is unacceptable. It totally constipates my connection, making it unusable. Solution: I close Brave and use another browser.

A better solution would be to allow users (as has been requested elsewhere) to select when to download updates.

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