Chocolatey installs Brave to user's AppData dir

  1. When I install Brave using Chocolatey, it installs to AppData\Local instead of ProgramFiles, and puts the .lnk files in the current user;s start menu and desktop instead of the system start menu and public desktop.
  2. When Brave installs, it launches. The “silent” switch doesn’t work.

Steps to reproduce:
Open an elevated command prompt.
If Chocolatey is not installed, install it using the script on Chocolatey’s website:
choco install Brave --install-arguments="’/S’"
The installation crashes.
choco install Brave
Brave installs to AppData\Local, then launches. .lnk files are installed for the current user only.

Expected behavior:

  1. Brave should install with all files in the correct locations for ALL users.
  2. If installed from a script, it should not launch after installation.

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