Chipotole ads on brave homepage are you kidding me

Cant remove the standard page ads or change theme anymore on mobile.

Congratz on being firefox tier sellouts and google tier infuriating

Abandon ship now. Spork it like waterfox and never return to these sellout developers.

I hope you get salmonella for

Not true. Perhaps you should learn to ask for help if you don’t know how to do something yourself, rather than come in and throw out accusations. (Also, it’s Sponsored Image or NTP Ads)

SettingsNew Tab Page → turn off the toggle for Show Sponsored Images

SettingsNew Tab PageBackground Images(Default Images Only)
SettingsNew Tab Page → turn off toggle Show Background Images

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Isn’t it great when some folks try to be edgy and relevant when in fact they are displaying their lack of knowledge? It’s ok to not know something but I guess they are too awesome to ask for help.

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