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Hello everyone,

With the new update of brave browser for android, yesterday I tried to do the wallet verification with uphold for the umpteenth time.

I follow all the steps but again I can’t associate my brave android browser profile with uphold. I talked to uphold and followed all the tests which resulted in nothing. Therefore, as requested by uphold, he told me to ask for assistance directly from you.

So after 2 years that I use the brave browser for android, I kindly and cordially ask you to support me in verifying my wallet.

Attached you will find all the steps taken.

also always attached you will find the updated versions of brave browser and uphold.

Waiting for a reply, thank you and cordially greet you

@Utente Hi

If you haven’t received a response from a moderator in a couple of days, you may want to send a DM and include a link to this post and the other information they usually ask for:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )

I saw in another post that if you uninstall the Uphold app from your phone and force the verification through the browser it can solve this issue. That may help you!

When I did that I got an error saying I had too many wallets linked. To fix that issue you have to put in a request to unlink wallets (perhaps from old devices) here’s a link to guide you through that process: How to submit a wallet unlinking request

Usually if it is due to the wallet limit, it will specifically tell you.

@Utente Eric was right on one thing though. Am I seeing in your screenshots that it opened up your Uphold app when you went to authorize it? If so, that has been known on occasion to cause issues. I forget how to change where the app won’t open, so you may need to disable/uninstall it until you finish the verification on Brave.

If it’s not opening Uphold app and all of that is in Brave, then only thing I can say is to make sure Brave has most recent update. ( V1.35.101) and maybe try to have Uphold open and logged in on another tab before you go to Verify

If none of those work, we will have to get Steeven or Mattches to drop by and help.

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