"Check for HTTPS" not working for my HTTPS website



Not sure why my “HTTPS” is not getting recognized by Brave’s “Check for HTTPS” scan.

Pretty self-explanatory. My site is HTTPS Secure and it is not being recognized through the screenshot above. I would like to register my website but I cannot get past this point.
Am I missing something?
Site URL: https://pcforge.tech/
Any help would be appreciated.


Looping in @nvonpentz for help. :slight_smile:


Hi @PCForge,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve shared with this with the team, and will investigate personally if we do not have a solution by next week.





We took a look and it appears as though at the time you made your post, there was a problem verifying the SSL certification. The SSL setup was missing an intermediate/chain certificate which may have caused it to be rejected by some browsers as well as publishers.basicattentiontoken.org.

It appears as though the certificate has sorted itself out since then (maybe you adjusted something?). https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=pcforge.tech now shows the certificate is problem free.

Could you retry verification and let me know if there is a problem?




Thank you for looking into my issue. I retried the verification and still get the same message. I also checked the sslshopper link and my SSL certificate checks out.

I did not adjust anything since my initial attempt, so I have no idea why it is being rejected.


I am under the impression that it is a problem with publishers.basicattentiontoken.org

I can try applying again in a couple of days to see if something changes by then, but if it doesn’t, is there a way for my application to be verified manually?


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