Cheap looking UI? - requests

The UI - 1.) on PC, the “new tab” button has only the top corners rounded - FIXED, THX! 2.) New tab background - either a 2015 color gradient (no custom colors etc), or images that change EVERY SINGLE TIME, whose I cant imagine looking good on something bigger than 1080p display. Even 1080p is well… acceptable. 3.) Brave Settings use the default scrollbar. Could be changed to a dark (or perhaps a Brave colored one)? 4.) Slovak translation is ok, there arent any untranslated strings, but it feels like if it was put through Google Translate, there are commonly odd words and the word order would make sense in English, but in other languages not so much. 5.) generally, settings look too complicated. Take “WebTorrent”, for example. It says “WebTorrent” in the header, and only after reading the small gray text do you realise what it does. Why not put “Open torrents in the browser”, and “Using WebTorrent …” in the description? 6.)Brave Rewards - Not instantly clear when, if and why you need to register on Uphold. Also, in “Automatically donate” terms div, text is overreaching (no padding?)
*this post is not to hate, but rather to advance Brave further