Charging me money without asking permission

This brave app charge me 509pesos without asking my permission to do so. I need that money for my wife medication.
I already contacted google play for refund but they asked me to contact brave in google play store. Please i need that money.

  1. Brave doesn’t charge money without authorization. In fact, Brave hardly charges for anything.

  2. Nothing Brave charges would be 509 pesos ($28), assuming you’re saying just transactions occurring once.

    • Brave VPN is $9.99 (181.34 pesos).
    • Brave Talk Premium is $7 (127.07 pesos)
    • Brave Search Premium is $3 (54.45 pesos)
  3. If we pretend that you signed up for Brave VPN or something similar using Google. You would have seen that it explained you would only get it 7 days and then it would charge you. You would have had to go through the information such as you see in the screenshots below in order to sign up.

All of that said, you could try to submit a support ticket to but just make sure you provide all of your information. If you don’t have the invoice number, you can skip that portion.

I already uninstall the app before the 7-day trial expires. Please i need that money for medication.

Uninstalling doesn’t cancel the subscription. You would have to cancel that in your Subscriptions portion of Play Store. If you did not cancel, then that’s typically on you. But you can click on the link I provided and complete the support ticket to see if Brave is willing to do anything for you.

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