Charged from Brave 'Swag Store' - but no item


Please help me - I have sent two emails to the brave team but have not heard back, I have just come across the forum. There was a mistake with a purchase I made on the brave store. The money was taken from my account but there has been no items sent or confirmation sent out (the item was listed as a ‘test listing’). This was well over a month ago. It was approx a $373 (AUD) purchase. Who should I contact to rectify this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @helpplease !

Do you have any proof of purchase? I will look into the issue.


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:wave: Hi @helpplease! I’m Jennie and I manage the Brave Swag Store. I just sent you a PM with next steps to get this sorted out. :slight_smile:

Thanks! (And thanks @GreenBananaPorridge for bringing to my attention.)


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