“Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.”

I got the message “Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.” after waiting thew a count down from 8 days to twenty minuets and now it seems to be stuck at the “Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.” message.

Message is displayed when adding my YouTube channel to the list on the Creators website.

If this is the wrong place to post this then please let me know where the proper place would be!

Wild guess:

Click on Brave Shields icon in the address bar


One or more of those settings, probably you need to adjust. Could be the cookies are blocked, and you need to adjust that to “Cross-site cookies blocked” or maybe “All cookies allowed” . . .

IOW, test the possibilities of the various switches.

And . . .

Brave Support will need more info:

[They request] Please adhere to the guidelines to the best of your ability, and use the Template shown in the Reply Editor. [No quotes, in the following links - copy and paste the link into new browser windows:]

Support Templates Reference

How to submit a Bug Report:


The Brave Community webpages use a Categories and Tags - topic organization system - that assist Brave Support and Community members.

Sounds like, for your concerns / issues, you might select:

Browser Support > etc.

Thanks! … I’ll give it a try

I get the message “Could not authenticate you from RegisterYoutubeChannel because “Csrf detected”.” after adjusting the Brave Shields as you suggested.

The message switched back to “Channel will be transferred from current owner in 10 days.” message in the Creator Account.

No. I only have one Creator account and am trying to add my Youtube channel to the list.

Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) detected, IOW.

Possibly because of some Shields setting combination that still needs adjusting, but “Rethansis” and others know more.

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I changed to Shields down and no longer get the error message but keep getting rejected when trying to add YouTube to the list. and when I replied to the email for assistance I just got an email directing to this site.


Your request to transfer the hasher411 channel has been rejected by the current owner. Please reply to this email if you require further assistance.

Please edit out, your name in your previous reply - for your own security.

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In order for you to get more help, you need to be specific about:

  • Your descriptions (and use examples, such as screenshots of what you are seeing, remembering to edit out your name)

  • What Brave browser are you using

  • Your computing device and its operating system

Myself, I am uncertain about what you are looking at, possibly one of:

  • YouTube website list

  • Brave Rewards > Creator account list

  • What list?

Do not assume, when you use “the list” that others know what you are seeing.

Same for using pronouns such as “it” — instead, please take the time to write it all out. Do not write merely “Brave” (for example), and instead, write Brave Browser Desktop, or Brave iOS . . . that kind of thing.

IOW, “my car won’t run” will not help your helpers.

Brave Support usually requests that you adhere to the guidelines to the best of your ability, and use the Template shown in the Reply Editor:

Support Templates Reference

And, How to submit a Bug Report:


Yes . . . I already wrote that, above, but Brave Support needs your support.

I got it. I know I should explain better (I’m Old) I will try better.

Using Windows 7 Desktop

When you place a screenshot - such as you did, that shows the Brave Browser for Windows version - try to only provide:

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 11.56.03 AM

So that your personal bookmarks are NOT showing (they reveal info about you — again, though we try and fail sometimes, still try for your security).

And, it looks like some recent attempt by you, to update, failed. You probably ought to take another swing at getting the most recent version for Windows.

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I think the only way to update my Brave Browser will to do a reinstall and I’m scared I will lose my BAT.

Did you try the “Learn more” thing, in the About . . . window?

At this moment, I doubt you need to re-install Brave Browser for Windows.

In the meantime, I typically recommend getting and installing CCleaner by Piriform - they have a free version - for cleaning cache and stuff, on Windows machines.


Also, back up your Bookmarks.html file.

Go to: brave://bookmarks/

Locate the Menu button — possibly near the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon

Click on that button, and select “Export bookmarks”


Tips on exporting the Bookmarks:

Good idea to occasionally back up your Windows Registry


And, Create a System Restore Point


Let the support team take a look before you take such measures on your own. The support team members usually log around this time, shouldn’t take much longer until you receive a response from them.

This is what I get when I click on “Learn More”. It looks like they want me to reinstall the browser.

Follow the advice of “Rethanis”: