Changing the position of Bookmarks in Bookmark Folders Makes You Exit

When changing the bookmarks position in the bookmark folder, it will constantly exit you out of that bookmark folder. This can be seen when trying to place a bookmark above another or below another inside the folder.

The solution should be to keep the bookmark folder up until you click something else, as it gets annoying.

Current version is 1.46.134

Hello @daze

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave. Could you kindly share the following:

  • Device(s) OS version.

  • A screenshot of the issue.

Be waiting for your response!


OS Version: 21H2
Couldn’t screenshot, as bookmark folder exits when trying to screenshot. If you want to know what I meant you have to attempt doing the same.

I tried to replicate but I don’t think I’m having the same issue. But it’s also possible I’m not quite understanding your issue either. I hate making videos these days, but let me show you a bit of what I tried and how things were working. If you can kind of give more details based on it, might help in figuring out your problem.

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Hello, I found out that you could already change it by the bookmarks manager, so thanks for that. However what my topic highlighted was directly managing the bookmarks or bookmark folders within a bookmark folder without cancelling out of the folder.

Here’s an example:

@daze Ah cool, thanks for that. So it’s when you’re clicking/highlighting a folder that you’ve placed on the Bookmarks Bar on the browser AND rearranging folders that are inside the bookmarked folder that it goes away.

Sounds so complicated to say! Lol.

I hadn’t really tried before but you’re right that it would make sense for it to stay open. It’s weird that it doesn’t really stay open to let you see it’s been moved or for you to continue what you were working on. Though Bookmarks Manager is available for same feature, sometimes just trying to do something else quick.

I’ll tag @Mattches on it as he’ll know better how to phrase things and if it’s anything that devs can consider working on in the future. I’m not sure if it’s considered a bug, feature request, or something else lol.

I do see the behavior you’re referring to. It looks like this is a Chromium thing — this is the behavior in Chromium based browsers, but I do see that Firefox has the desired behavior. Looks like we actually have an open issue for this:

I’ve pinged one of our devs in the issue to take another look as it is quite old.

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